samedi 21 juillet 2012

"You know what sucks ? Everything."

Today I'll speak about my last custom clothe : my jean vest~ Last year, I got one I reeeeally love, but I lost it in my school and I never find it T_____T This one :


My new one was boring, so I decided to change it. But I didn't want to do a unicorn again, so, here is the result :

Jme tâte. 

I juste cut the sleeves and re-paint a bit. I want to paint cute wings & other thing on the back, but I lost my black spray... Later maybe ? 

Nothing special to tell tou again... So see you next article 

My life is passionating and this is art that I thank 

lundi 9 juillet 2012

DIY : smudge shirt~~

Today I'll show you my last DIY production : the smudge shirt ! I used for this production :

  ♥ Old t-shirt
  ♥ White spray paint
  ♥ Canson paper (french fabric ?)
  ♥ Journal paper

 Lets start !

First, just take a old plain t-shirt. For me, it's a one given by my sister !

Then, take a piece of Canson paper and draw the shape of smudge that you want (use a pencil) and cut it with a cutter or with scissors, as you prefer. 

My t-shirt is too large, so I needed two piece of paper, but it dosn't matter.

Then, go in a open place, like a terace or a balcony, and put the journal paper on the floor. Then, put the shirt and stretch it to don't make some creases. Then, put the Canson paper in it :
(okay, it's in my 

Now bombing ! 

(that was the end of it, for the details)

Here is the result ! 
(hello yellow docs ♥)

Now, let it dry a moment to don't smear the shirt. Normally, the paint will change of color, but I think it's my shirt who has a special matériel. And here is me dressed with it ! 

Thanks for reading, did you like this tutorial ? Next one will be on dreamcatchers ! 

Life is passionating and this is art that I thank