lundi 27 mai 2013

DIY : spray shoes !

Hi guys ! (....okay it's been like 415454 years.)
Today I'm going to show you a new tutorial to make double colors shoes for nothing and VERY easily !!
This is all you'll need :
So, old shoes (or any pair of shoes you want to custom..), a spray bomb of the color of your choice and scotch tape (optionnal here)! And be carefull : put some useless paper to protect your ground!

Then the patern is VERY simple, you just take one of your shoes, put scotch one the sole if you don't want it to be colored by the spray, and then spray your shoes ! This way in video (sorry I didn't cut anything so...useless extras!)  : 

Then here is the result ! 

(with useless scotch tape here... *oops*)

Then let it dry during few hours or one day (it's better!) and tadaa :

Doesn't it look cool ?
Thank for reading this post :) ! I hope you liked it and that your shoes will be custom soon ;) 

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