samedi 21 juillet 2012

"You know what sucks ? Everything."

Today I'll speak about my last custom clothe : my jean vest~ Last year, I got one I reeeeally love, but I lost it in my school and I never find it T_____T This one :


My new one was boring, so I decided to change it. But I didn't want to do a unicorn again, so, here is the result :

Jme tâte. 

I juste cut the sleeves and re-paint a bit. I want to paint cute wings & other thing on the back, but I lost my black spray... Later maybe ? 

Nothing special to tell tou again... So see you next article 

My life is passionating and this is art that I thank 

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  1. Il est géniale ta veste. J'ai hâte du prochain article et du tuto de l'atrappeur de rêve